Meet our Director – Estelle Hardwick

AMR was founded twelve years ago with a team of just two people. Now, with Estelle Hardwick at the helm, our business has grown to 14 employees. In this Q&A, we chat to Estelle about her career, her work ethic, and why teamwork is all-important to AMR . . .
How did you become director of AMR? 
I trained as an accountant after school and had been working in that field for many years when the directorship of AMR was offered to me. I've always enjoyed the all-round role that being a manager in an accounting firm entails, because it combines the day to day accounts and tax work alongside working with a team to produce the best service for clients. Working with AMR has given me just that. I get to bring my accounting expertise on board to help ensure the work we produce is of a high standard, plus I'm able to liaise closely with my team and manage all aspects of their roles. It's a win-win situation for me!
Why does the company impress you so much?
AMR started with just two individuals (both of whom are still with us) doing bookkeeping and payroll and now 12 years later we have a team of 14. The company has gone from strength to strength and we have such an amazing team. The fact our original two staff members are still on board just shows the commitment to the company, and the fact we are a family who all support each other, and support in turn our clients and their needs.

What's the most rewarding element of the job?
It has to be, quite simply, the satisfaction of a job well done.  There is nothing more rewarding than a happy client and knowing we have built a strong, solid relationship with them, and as a result we feel every bit a part of their business.  Their success feels like our success.
What are the challenges?
Unlike accounting and tax, which usually have annual deadlines, in bookkeeping and payroll there are many more frequent deadlines.  These are usually monthly and quarterly, and as a result you do find yourself finishing one period just as the next deadline is upon you. It's vital we stay on top of every client's processing and deadline dates, as the next ones are always just around the corner. But this is the kind of pressure that drives us – there's no such thing as a dull day at AMR! 
Why is AMR different to other bookkeeping services?
AMR is different because we are a strong team who all work together to support each other and our clients' needs.  With such a breadth of experience amongst our staff, there's always someone who can handle a new query that may pop up - we have the internal expertise to draw on and to support each other in this.   
Can you explain a little more about how your team works from a client perspective?
Across payroll and bookkeeping each member of our team has their usual clients that they work with. This gives them the chance to build a strong individual relationship, and the client in turn knows who their first point of contact is. Behind the scenes though the team members are always communicating, and so others build up an understanding of each client.  This then offers a second tier of support to the client if their main contact is unavailable for any reason.  Our clients then feel part of our team and we feel like part of theirs.
If you're considering outsourcing any bookkeeping or payroll requirements for your business, why not contact us to arrange a chat. Our professional and friendly team will be pleased to discuss our fast, efficient service. 

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