Bookkeeping cybersecurity risk assessment – will your business pass?

A graphic of a closed padlock standing on a plinth over a traffic intersection in a city. The buildings are dark blue blocks and the traffic is a flow of red lights. Light blue lines stream towards the padlock which stops them going beyond it.

Every operational business in 2024 is interwoven to a greater or lesser extent with the digital world. Identities are forged and developed online and there are few aspects of our corporate lives which aren’t managed by and dependent on technology. However, with that dependence comes corresponding risk. Cybersecurity is the process of protecting computer systems, […]

The importance of communication with clients when handling their bookkeeping

A man and woman shaking hands at a meeting while another man looks on, all smiling

Professional bookkeepers have many strings to their bows. They’re responsible for recording and maintaining the financial transactions of a business; managing payroll, monitoring cash flow, credit control, HMRC compliance, management accounts, budgeting . . . however, something which is often left off the list of important skills for bookkeepers is that of being an effective […]

2024 budget – what bookkeepers need to know

The red budget briefcase

Anyone with an interest in business finance was keeping their ears well to the ground on Wednesday 6th March when Jeremy Hunt stepped up to the despatch box to deliver the 2024 budget, almost certainly the last one prior to a general election. If you’re responsible for bookkeeping, whether as a sole trader or a […]

Five tips for agricultural employers

Many people would be surprised to know that according to government figures for 2023, the utilised agricultural area in the UK was 17 million hectares, and accounts for 70% of the total area of the UK. Of this area, cereal crops cover 3.1 million hectares, wheat 1.7 million, and barley 1.1 million. There were just […]

March Newsletter

Afternoon Although the clocks don’t change until the end of March, we are starting to see the first signs of Spring coming through and here at AMR we have continued to be busy posting blogs on our website and social media channels.  Please follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook to keep up to date with […]

Better bookkeeping for landlords

A person in a pink, black and white checked shirt is shown from the shoulders down sitting at a black table and holding a calculator in their left hand and a pen in their right. On the table are some files, a laptop, a rental agreement on a clipboard and four small wooden houses.

It’s becoming increasingly complicated to be a landlord. Legislation covering every aspect of the business is continually streaming from Westminster and equally rapidly being updated; the Renters (Reform) Bill which is currently passing through Parliament will bring a number of major changes, such as the abolition of Section 21 ‘no-fault’ evictions. It seems that you […]

National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage – what’s the difference?

Payroll is a complicated process, and the abundance of financial terminology can sometimes be overwhelming. Unless you’re a professional, it can also lead to confusion and errors, particularly when similar terms get mistaken for each other. Two phrases which are frequently misunderstood are the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage. Many people believe they […]

A bookkeepers’ guide to preventing money laundering

A selection of English bank notes pegged up on a washing line

Money laundering is an illegal operation that involves disguising large sums of money, which have been accrued through criminal activity such as drug trafficking, so it appears the money has come from a legal source. Funding for terrorist organisations is a growing source of money laundering. In the process, the money is ‘laundered’, so it […]

HMRC Form 64-8 – 2023 updates

An opened letter from HMRC

HMRC keeps us on our toes with regular changes and updates, all of which have to be taken on board straightaway to avoid complications or penalties for non-compliance. Form 64-8 is a form which is used by a client to give authorisation to an agent, such as a bookkeeper, to deal directly with HMRC on […]

How to correct an employee’s overpaid National Insurance contributions

Running a company payroll isn’t always straightforward. Common problems include incorrect or late payslips, missed pension payments, under or over-payment of salary, wrong tax calculations and issues with National Insurance (NI) payments. In this blog, we look at what you should do if you find you have inadvertently overpaid an employee’s NI contributions. National insurance […]