New year ambitions: Growing your business 

A new year brings new ambitions, plans and targets – and for many bosses growing profit margins and the reach of their business will be among their aims for the next 12 months. 
Predicting your cash flow and budget is an important step to help this happen – but what else can be done to help you have a successful year?

Here, we explore the steps you can take to help you and your business achieve positive growth, and share tips from business experts to boost productivity.

Building on success

Last year was a roller coaster year for the world, dominated by tragic headlines and shock political moves. Brexit and Trump's presidential win shook the markets with both the pound and dollar taking a dip.

Despite the tumultuous markets, however, there was good news to be had. Not least in the UK's car industry, which saw an increase in the sale of new cars. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reported that 2.69 million cars were registered in 2016 – a growth of 2% on 2015.

Those working in the industry will no doubt be wanting to build on this success in 2017 – as will any other industry or sector that ended 2016 on a high. So what will firms be doing to achieve this?

A positive plan

Having a firm, realistic strategy in place that you can stick to will help you stay focussed on growing your business even further. One of the most important threads of this is having a robust financial plan. 

In the long term, it can help to overestimate costs and underestimate revenues so you are fully prepared for any potential pitfalls and adjust your budgets accordingly. 

It's also important to remain positive if you are hit by a bad month. There will always be quieter periods and it's at these times that you can consider re-visiting potential clients or spending time contacting new customers, to help drum up business.

Keeping up productivity is also key, which means motivating staff and yourself to get things done. Business experts advise tackling any jobs that can be done in a minute as and when they arise, keeping your email inbox as de-cluttered as possible and laying down a 'rule of three' – to complete three tasks every day – to help boost productivity.
Global entrepreneur Richard Branson meanwhile, recommends treating employees right, so they in turn treat customers well, to help maintain repeat business and sustained profits.

How we can help

As experts in budgets and cash flow, our team can help with one of the most important aspects of your new year success plan. 

In an economic climate that is constantly shifting – and with the UK's imminent exit from Europe set to add to the changing markets – we understand how it can be difficult to make such important preparations.

Our professional team is on hand to help you plan for success, despite the fluctuating financial climate, and can produce cash flows and budgets for the weeks and months ahead, to help you meet a prosperous end of year bottom line.

To find out more about how AMR can help you have a fantastic 2017 call our team on 01892 559480 or fill in one of our contact forms and we will get back to you to discuss your needs. 

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