Five time-saving tips for small businesses

In our permanently switched-on world, time has become our greatest commodity: it's precious, and there's never enough of it!

For small business owners, time management can be a particular challenge. Down-time is rare, especially in the early days of setting up a new company, and it's not unusual to feel overwhelmed by never-ending demands.

Here at AMR, we support many small businesses and understand the difficulties they face. We hope our five time-saving tips will help keep your working day running like clockwork . . .

1. Prioritise. When your to-do list starts running onto a second or third page, it's time to take a step back and prioritise tasks in order of importance and urgency. Work through them one at a time if you can, giving full focus to each task while trying not to let the others sap your mental energy. Letting your mind race ahead will have a negative effect on your concentration and everything will take longer as a result.

2. Don't let social media sabotage your day. Few businesses can thrive today without some kind of social media presence. If you're running social accounts for your business, it can be tempting to go down the social rabbit hole and find that an hour has passed browsing the latest posts. While it's important to post regularly and keep up-to-date with news and views, try to limit time to ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes at the end of the day.

3. Keep moving. If your work is desk-based, it's easy to find that hours have passed and you're hunched in the same position, feeling drained and lethargic. Taking a short walk can work wonders both physically and mentally, boosting creativity and alertness. A US study found that creative output increased by an average of 60 per cent when walking. So if you need a solution to a knotty business problem, a quick trot around the block might conjure up the answer.

4. Tame the email monster. Take control of emails by tackling them in blocks rather than letting the drip-drip effect distract every moment of your day. Turn off 24/7 email notifications and set aside chunks of time to reply and action as necessary.

5. Don't be afraid to delegate. By nature, most business owners tend to like staying in control, and find it hard to let go of the reins even when they're overstretched. Yet by delegating administrative tasks such as bookkeeping and payroll, you can create acres of breathing space. The cost of outsourcing can repay itself many times over, freeing you up to win new business, and carve out an exciting future for your company.

Our job is to save you time!

As bookkeeping and payroll experts, it's our mission to keep clients' businesses running smoothly and free from the distraction of everyday administrative tasks. Why not get in touch  to find out more?

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